My Screen Dimmer Android Apps

My Screen Dimmer app helps you change your phone screen brightness as dark as possible in one touch!


FREE 100% and forever!

This app keeps the old screen brightness, so when you turn it off, the phone brightness will be back to the previous setting.

All things will be done in one touch only!

Why we create this app?

It's clearly that a lot phones have set the lowest screen brightness is still high that most of us want to lower that brightness. This app helps you do that in one touch.

- Dimmer/lower the screen brightness.
- Control the brightness automatically.
- Turn on/off easily from notification panel.
- One touch to lower screen brightness and one touch to revert it back.
- Turn on and turn off Do Not Disturb together with screen dimmer.
- Bonus lock screen button feature (click to turn off screen)
- Widget for turning on and off screen dimmer and lock screen.
- Dim notification and lock screen.
- Shake to turn on or turn off My Screen Dimmer.
- Schedule to turn on/off My Screen Dimmer
- Support blue light filter.


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